Spicing up an evening with creative activities in Ft. Myers is easier than you may think. Sharing time at an entertaining event with family members, co-workers or friends provides the opportunity to see each other in a new light. An activity that is different as well as unusual can appeal to everyone, avoid boredom and make a night out a wonderful experience.

Paint & Party

Hidden talent may lie within your family or friends, and it is fun to find out while you enjoy a glass of wine. For a truly unique experience, gather your friends for a night in an art studio with a professional artist. Bring your own wine or beer or purchase one from the bar, and get ready to enjoy the creativity of your group. Artistic instruction gives everyone a chance to participate in creating a unique painting.

Leaving inhibitions at the door, guests feel free to create a masterpiece in a couple of hours. Your group can relax in the company of friends and co-workers, while each member discovers talents that thrill and please. A small party room and a large, communal studio provide plenty of space for everyone to participate in a delightfully enjoyable evening. Creating an original painting is a project that almost everyone wonders about trying to do at some point. When everything that you need is ready for you, it is easy to do something that you may have always wanted to accomplish.

Creating Hands on Leaning Experiences for Children

The Imaginarium Science Center offers an opportunity for children to touch a sea turtle and to unearth a dinosaur. Especially appealing to youngsters, the experience opens the way to acquire an appreciation of nature’s wonders. Themes change every month, sometimes focusing on wolves and their relationship to dogs among many other fascinating topics. Some events allow adults to enjoy an early evening of beer and barbeque while checking out the museum for future visits with children.

Taking a Murder Mystery Train Ride

A murder mystery needs solving several days a week in Fort Myers, and you can lend your ability as a sleuth to figure out “who did it”. A five course dinner pleases your palate while you enjoy the performances of talented actors who stage a murder mystery for your enjoyment. You can take a small group or as many as 200 mystery-loving guests with you. The trip is equally appropriate for an outing for a large group or for a family date night.

Appealing to your sense of nostalgia, a ride on a Seminole Gulf Railway is a unique experience that transports you to another place and time. Tables set with linen napkins and white cloths welcome you as you enter the dining room, and a cheese tray invites you to snack while you await your fruit or salad course. Watching the plot unfold is a delightful way to spend an evening in Fort Myers.

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