It’s no secret, we live in a digital age.

Everything from your banking to the way you talk to your mom and dad has moved online.

With that in mind, it’s time we took a closer look at virtual office services.

This is the most effective way yet to consolidate your business operation, by moving the entire process online.

Take Your Office Online

So, what is a virtual office?

Virtual offices are defined as being the online domains of businesses where the workforce is largely located offsite.

What does that mean? If you or your employees do a lot of your work at home or away from your office, a virtual office is the website where you complete and submit your work.

But what is the best virtual workspace product for your needs?

The Lakewood Ranch Virtual Office

Our first entry is a high quality, low-cost virtual office service.

Lakewood’s flagship product offers a great range of features, from phone answering services to a physical address.

Offsite services are designed to give you all the functionality of an actual office environment. Get discounted video conferencing rates, package receipt, and handling. Add to this their administrative services, among others, and it’s obvious why this solution is as popular as it is.

The Servcorp Virtual Office

When it comes to reputation, there’s very little competition for the Servcorp brand.

Full virtual office services include everything from answering services to physical workspace addresses Workspace perks include great bonuses like two complimentary days in your office, per month, and three in an office in another city.

Coupled with their positive customer reputation, this is a virtual office service that really stands out.

DaVinci’s Virtual Office

Da Vinci is a great option for businesses looking for a more robust virtual office experience.

Answering services include improvements like live chat and scheduling appointments.

A drawback to their services is that, where other virtual offices are often located in unique offices, Da Vinci operates from a call center. This, with their added price, makes this a service you’ll want to commit to for its bonuses, to justify any additional setbacks.

eOffice Workspace

No two businesses are built the same.

It makes sense, then, that business owners would want virtual offices tailored to their exact needs.

Enter eOffice.

Business owners can pick and choose from custom office services, to suit their needs. Furthermore, meeting rooms, workshops, and classes make this a versatile, powerful business solution.

Opus Virtual Offices

A perfect option for small or start-up businesses, Opus provides everything you need for a complete virtual office package.

Live reception, corporate mailing, voicemail boxes, and a free month’s service all make this a solid virtual office solution.

Make Your Business Better With Virtual Office Services

Every business needs an office.

The trick is that not every office needs to be an actual office.

Take your operation online with professional digital office solutions, from a respected provider.

For more on how virtual office solutions can benefit your business, visit us today!