Best Places to Fish From Shore and More

As if the previous seven top spots to fish from shore were not enough to reel you in, here are five more with updates on new bass fishing regulations for 2016 in Florida and some tips for keeping your catch fresh until you–or a local chef–prepares it. 1. Punta Rassa Causeway Bridge This bridge has […]

Seven Top Spots to Fish From Shore

If you can relate to the amusing signs in car windows and bumpersnickers that read, “I’d Rather be Fishing,” or “My Other Car Is a Fishing Boat,” then it “a-piers” you are in luck today with this list of seven top spots to fish from shore in Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel and Cape Coral. We […]

A History of Fort Myers & Fort Myers Beach, FL

You may know that Fort Myers, Florida, has the highest number of sunny days with sunshine in the state. You may also know that beaches in the area have the biggest variety of seashells and that nearby Sanibel has the only shell museum in the country. The question is whether you know how Fort Myers […]

Fore The Love of Golf in Naples, Florida

Golf, anyone? Pack your bag and grab your gear for a golf vacation getaway in Naples, Florida. Award-winning courses with favorite features and amenities for all set against spectacular sky, water and landscape backdrops, what better reviews than by people who have played them? Watch professional champions in world-class tournament play, or polish your clubs […]

Bringing Your Pets to Florida on Vacation

Coming to Fort Myers on vacation does not necessarily mean that you have to leave your pets at home. Some people believe that their pets need vacations as well, but this is not always the case. If you treat your furry companions as part of the family, every day feels like a vacation to them. […]

Time to Replace Your Roof, What Are Your Choices?

Roof Installation and Replacement Services

When it comes time to replace your roof, you have many options in roofing materials. For some homeowners, this can be overwhelming. For others, having many options is just what they need. Being aware of your choices and knowing their pros and cons can help you make a better decision for your home and your […]

The Cape Coral Germans Came to Love

The largest master-planned community in the United States was cast in 1957, by the Rosen brothers from Baltimore, with an amusing comment and the tossing of some coins outside an airplane window. Out of the Rosens’ eventual $678,000 purchase from Franklin Miles of Miles Laboratories, the formerly wild and desolate Hungryland known as Redfish Point […]

Pin Your Business to Online Marketing Perfection


Thousands of businesses, including the biggest companies in the world, already use Pinterest as a place to showcase their brand to a vast and growing audience. It’s popularity has sky rocketed and is an excellent place to build your brand. What is Pinterest? Pinterest combines some of the best parts of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. […]

LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy


On the 13th June 2016, it was announced that Microsoft was buying the professional social network, LinkedIn, for $26.2 billion. By doing so, it gave Microsoft immediate access to more than 433 million members. It turns out that Microsoft weren’t the only ones trying to buy it. Other bidders included Facebook and Google who both […]

A Complete 4 Step Online Branding Strategy For Your Business


Branding is so much more than just having a snappy logo or flashy website. Good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. Because it is so easy to get lost in a sea of competition, branding is essential on the Internet. Nowadays more […]