Few things in life are as important as family. However, it can be difficult to find quality time to spend together and connect with you are juggling multiple schedules and commitments. Also, your extended family is likely spread out across the state, country or even the globe!

If you are dealing with some of these issues, it might be time to plan a family reunion. Read on to discover why renting a home or several homes from Sun Palace Vacation Homes in Fort Myers Beach is the first step to an unforgettable family gathering.

1. Vacation homes give you flexibility.

Every family is different, and each member of your family has varying needs and expectations when it comes to a family reunion. One of the best things about renting homes through Sun Palace Vacation homes is the fact that you can all enjoy the ultimate flexibility.

If your family wants to soak up every possible minute together, rent a large house and enjoy eating meals together and laughing through late night chats. If your family members prefer to have a little space, you can all rent vacation homes or condos in the same general area. Renting separate houses allow you to enjoy as much or as little togetherness as you want, which makes everyone happier!

2. Ft. Myers is the perfect vacation destination.

We know that it can be challenging to keep everyone from your active uncle to picky Great-Grandma entertained, but Ft. Myers Beach truly offers something for everyone! From art museums to children’s museums, gorgeous beaches to upscale shopping, no one in your family will be able to complain that there’s nothing to do with a reunion held in Ft. Myers.

3. Vacation rental homes are a cost effective option.

6 Bedroom Fort Myers Beach vacation rental with pool sleeps 14
6 Bedroom Fort Myers Beach vacation rental with pool sleeps 14 | Courtesy of Sun Palace Vacations

When you are planning a family reunion, you want to consider everyone’s budget. You don’t want your favorite cousin to feel left out because she can’t afford a room at a fancy hotel, and you don’t want your aunt to back out because her large family can’t fit in a hotel room.

Some people think that vacation home rentals are only for the wealthy, but nothing could be further from the truth! At Sun Palace Vacation Rentals, we offer rental properties in many different price ranges. Many of our properties include full kitchens and washer/dryer combos, so travelers can save big by doing laundry in their rooms and cooking meals instead of eating out. Also, check out off-season and other specials for your Florida vacation home rental.

If you have struggled to get your relatives excited about a family reunion in the past, doing something different is a great way to increase excitement. When some people think of a family reunion, they picture sitting around in a picnic shelter or restaurant and trying to make conversation with people they haven’t seen in years. This might not motivate them to come, but the thought of a few days in the Fort Myers Beach sunshine with family members is a whole different story!

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