Top 10 Things to Do With Kids in Southwest Florida

Whether you’re planning a vacation to Southwest Florida or you’re lucky enough to live here year-round, the area is an excellent place for families. You can keep kids of all ages entertained and happy by visiting some of these popular sites. Naples Zoo – Naples Wild fun abounds at the Naples Zoo, and your family can explore […]

An Evening Of Spontaneity And Creativity


Socializing with friends and family is a healthy activity, and some experts contend that it may lead to having a longer life. Drinking a glass or two of red wine is a great way to relax while absorbing the health benefits of one of nature’s most delicious delights. Combining your family’s social outings with a […]

3 Unique Activities For Families In Fort Myers

3 Unique Activities For Families In Fort Myers

Spicing up an evening with creative activities in Ft. Myers is easier than you may think. Sharing time at an entertaining event with family members, co-workers or friends provides the opportunity to see each other in a new light. An activity that is different as well as unusual can appeal to everyone, avoid boredom and […]