You know that old saying ‘you get what you pay for?’ This rings true when it comes to investing in your own business as well.

How does that translate to your freelance business? Well, top freelancers across the world are utilizing shared workspaces to take their careers and businesses to the next level.

The following tips have helped top freelancers boost their productivity and shift their businesses into fast forward.

Read on to make the most of your working day!

Create a Timeframe That Works for You

Novelist, Stephen King, is known for writing his best works in the early hours of the day, sitting down to write no later than 8 am every morning and writing ten pages every day. Three months later? Blammo! He’s written a novel!

What’s that? You’re NOT a morning person, you say? We hear you. Take advantage of working when you feel most energized.

This means more productivity in less time.

Highly successful people create consistent routines that increase their productivity. Of course, this requires keeping track of your time and a certain amount of discipline, which you need to hone in order to find success as a freelancer. They use this time to knock out projects one at a time, maximizing their most productive hours.

Mute the Notifications

That’s right, we’re talking to you. Turn it off, already!

You settle in to start an important project only to hear that ever present buzzing of your mobile phone. It’s your old friend, Facebook, pushing one… more… baby goat video on you.

Baby goats are hard to resist. We totally understand. But with today’s distractions, freelancers must get creative in their quest to remain focused.

Although texting, social media, and the internet as top work disruptors, there are apps such as Offtime and Stay on Task to help you avoid these disruptions.

Learn from Your Shared Workspace Neighbor’s Working Style

You know that gal who puts in her solid five hours and takes off in the afternoon for the beach? How about that guy who has his marketing tricks down to a fine art?

These are the folks you want to befriend.

The beauty of a shared workspace is the opportunity it provides: view it not just as a space to efficiently get your work done. Take the time to get to know your new community.

By introducing yourself to your new neighbors, you’re opening yourself up to collaborating, spreading the message about what you do and possible future work opportunities.

Share, Collaborate and Grow

You know how one road leads to another? It couldn’t be truer than in a shared workspace.

The benefits are many, with the best being the opportunity to grow your business using the community around you. Within that community is a willingness to share in successes and watch each other grow.

You will be working with like-minded creators who might have just the trick you need to increase your client base or get you one degree closer to that influencer you’re hankering to meet.

Ready to See Your Business Grow?

Now that you know the secrets of successful freelancers everywhere, it’s time to find your own space in the game and take your business to the next level!